YeniHayat Information Technologies Inc

In 2007, it gets active by approach and ambition of making innovation in IT industry with YeniHayat Publishing Ltd. founding partnership. When YH Ltd. starts its commercial way through IT, there is a need to build a company structure that only focused on IT. So, this need ends with an establishment of YeniHayat Information Technologies Inc.

Choosing the Perpa Trade Center is not a coincidence. YH IT Inc., desires to support Perpa on its way to accomplish its potential because we think that Perpa has innovative ideas and approaches, and still couldn't bring out its potential.

Along with YH selects being innovative about web technologies, YH tries to maintain the innovations about application development, carrying the customized requirements over the web, regenerating classic business processes in web environment, developing content modeling systems and constructive factors of e-commerce.

Our creative team that labors for user-friendly solutions for web, (web as a business development environment) maintains to create available and accessible systems. As well as the consequence of lack of resources for entrepreneurs in Turkey, YH that consumes energy on supporting the use of free and open-source software with various trainings, shares the these experience with leader organizations of sector.

Our company provides system and application development, consulting and corporate trainings services on numerous architectures (arm, mips, mipsel, sh4, blackfin, xscale, x86) in the area of embedded Linux systems. At the same time it provides:

  • Debian Gnu/Linux support,
  • Linux integration solutions,
  • Scalable application server and data store services
  • Scaling and hosting solutions for Ruby on Rails projects
    for servers.

Beside the commercial projects and businesses, YeniHayat Information Technologies Inc. is developing the YeniHayat Network with content partners that some are group companies and some are independent entrepreneurs.

YH has lots of website that starts beta testing. YH, which gives institutional support about business development and content modeling, is generating versatile content and process management systems (YH.sys) and allow individuals and organizations in need, to use these solutions.